Calling of the Night is a short inteactive fiction  game written by Pavel Homola & Hellduriel. The game is still in development.  Please let me know your opinion  on  this short game. Your feedback is really appreciated!


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Very cool atmospheric game,i liked this small drawn story 5\5

This is such a cool game! Great job on the atmosphere and tension. I'm learning Twine right now and am impressed that something like this is possible. One minor bug is that I think inventory persists through multiple playthroughs.

(spoilers below)

After getting a bad ending and starting from the beginning, I still have the Molotov cocktail and am not required to craft it again. This isn't such a big deal, but a bigger issue is if you break the lock to the trapdoor with your axe, it remains broken in later playthroughs so you can't win the final battle. I can get around this by closing my browser, but I thought you should know. Really enjoyed this overall.

This is awesome

Excellent game and I feel compelled to point out that the gif above could be used in any number of snarky responses. 

Super late to this but this comment made my day

This art is really good! I cover up my face with hand when i about to advance to another screen. (you know, like a kid :P)

But there are a little problem though(little spoiler)

at chapter 3(where you open the hatch with password)

the password is 126, which you know represent 12 june, but in the note, the date is 12 July.

Anyways, I am glad that you didn't add jumpscare inside :D

Thx for your comment. I will fix it immediately :D